Professional References For IT1 Services

Professional References For IT1 Services

Professional References For IT1 Services

Lori Denman

“IT1 Services has been our IT service provider for more than four years. They offer both outstanding customer service, as well as knowledgeable and helpful consultation services for any new programming needs that arise. We have found Brett’s professionalism and ability to assess and correct any issues, either on-site or through remote access, to be a tremendous benefit resulting in little down-time in productivity for our staff. This includes going the “extra mile” in contacting and establishing working relationships with needed tech support vendors of any operational software for configuration, support, and maintenance in a network environment. Additionally, we find the pricing for both service and products to be extremely competitive and fair. “

Dena Cordova Jack

“This shall serve as a reference for Brett Minzer, owner of IT1 Services. Brett has worked tirelessly to correct many of the I.T. issues we have had – ranging from virus protection, computer meltdowns, new hire set ups, printer installation, etc. He works tirelessly to ensure that my company experiences zero downtime when we encounter issues, and has consistently gone above and beyond, insomuch as recommending, purchasing and installing a new printer to save me time that I didn’t have. His knowledge of systems is extremely comprehensive, and much appreciated, especially when we find ourselves constantly concerned about cyber hacking in the current business environment. I find his work ethic to be nothing short of exemplary, and would recommend Brett and his company highly to any company seeking to upgrade their I.T. services. If you have any questions or need any further information, please contact me.”

Joel Massey

“Brett with IT1 Services has been an amazing asset to our company. Not only is he impeccably responsive, he always has a solution to our technical issues. IT1 Services upgraded our outdated network and streamlined our communication. When before our data was heavily exposed, Brett cleaned up all of our company files and added extra protection/backup so we never lose any pertinent or sensitive information. But it’s not solely about his IT Experience, he’s also very professional, friendly, and great to have around the office. We won’t be using any other company for any of our IT services. Definitely a weight off my shoulders!”
“Our medical practice has benefited from IT1 Services for over 5 years now and we are thrilled with the service and results we’ve seen. Brett always finds a way to give us the focus and attention we need at precisely the moment we need it; all while taking care of his other customers and treating them with the same care and support we receive. We have sensitive laboratory and testing equipment, along side a network of digital instruments/machines, that need to be up and running constantly; outages, failures, or connectivity issues could mean detrimental outcomes for our patients and we only trust these important measures and system operations to be in the hands of the best. We place the trust of our business, as well as the care and safety in the equipment we use for our patients, in the capable and experienced services of IT1 Services.”
Please remember that when you own your own firm or company, it is essential to focus on the things you can reasonable effect change in.  Listening to all the people who tell you the technology sky is falling will usually make you spend lots of money and time on solutions that will not beneficially affect your organization. 
Allow US to be there to offer you information, so that you can make an informed decision about what to implement and not to implement.
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